10 December 2011


Neither of these are my own patterns, but I love mushrooms, especially the vibrant red capped with white spots kind that are actually poisonous, though they are pretty. Sometime, I might make up my own mushrooms, but for now I'm okay with following someone else's pattern. The crocheted mushroom is from DROPS, while the sewn felt mushroom is from Falalala Felt.


09 December 2011

Tiny Tree!

I made this quite a while ago, but never got around to photographing it until now.  I'm not entirely sure what to do with it, except maybe knit up other trees and things to make a knit train scene, as its almost right for N-scale, which I'm pretty sure my dad still has my old train set stored away somewhere.  How amusing it would be to remake in fibery glory.


Tiniest Tree

I didn't intend to knit this so tiny.  It was supposed to be a tree much larger, but I stopped when I got this far because it was too cute to make any larger.  I used my knitting notes for conifers, as I posted back a while, and nothing fancy when it came to increasing.  I don't even remember what the yarn is, but I do remember buying it at Fibers Etc in Tacoma, when I was talking to one of the ladies about knitting i-cord bracelets from narrow satin ribbons and she suggested I try it with the super cool yarn with sequins embedded.  Somehow, it never really clicked for me when I tried, but as soon as I started the tree, I knew I'd made the right connection.

I'll have to take a better photo sometime, but this will do for now.  I have a new pattern to post in the next month, when I finish editing the notes.

Sparkle Tree!

Spiral Tree
I love this yarn. So much.

But anyway, I was experimenting some more with increase placement, and trying out a new stump idea. I like the ease of using spools, and though I didn't get to it before the photo, think I'll wrap them with some brown bouclé to make them more textured. I have a lot more green yarn and wooden spools to get through.

It definitely makes me think of Dr. Seuss when I knit up funny spiral trees.  If I use some more of the fluff scraps I have lying around, I could make some Lorax trees to go with them, too.